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Nest 3rd generation Thermostat

Hi there, my plumber recently installed the Nest Thermostat. We connected the NEST APP to the thermostat, and all worked fine for my 2 nest thermostats (1 for heating and water and 1 thermostat for the other heated water system) since the app asked m...

kg2021 by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat 3rd generation

1) Can I shut off presence sensing on my nest Thermostat and just use my phone location to determine home/away?2) What is the geofence radius set too?3) When heading home, does the thermostat reset to the home setting once the geofence is crossed or ...

Iannotti7 by Community Member
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Dual Zone Nest Setup on Google App

This post is to help someone else out. I solved my issue, but I'm posting to maybe help someone else that is having the same issue. It'll save them hours of research and headache. Setting up Nest on Dual zone/Dual Thermostat HVAC system(one upstairs ...

Nest Thermostat

We used to be able to control our thermostat from our phone. Since we got a new router from x-finity we have not been able to do anything from our phone. All we see is the home screen. Do you have any suggestions?

Jim1 by Community Member
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Nest Power Connector issue

Nest power connector wired to a Honeywell v8043f1051 zone valve as pictured below. Wiring schematic shows the three terminals on the bottom as TH/TR (wired to red) TH (wired to white) and TR (wired to C on the power connector). Multimeter shows 26.8 ...

atranger by Community Member
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2 wires for nest e or learning thermostat question

my existing thermostat was broken so wondering replace it with google nest learning thermostat. i opened the old thermostat and find it only has red and green line available. so just ask any expert here does those two colour lines compatible with the...

Nest gen 3 thermostat

Hellonest gen 3 learning thermostattells me it is heatingbut furnace does not turn onwiring is correctwhat should I do nexti installed a couple days agoi appreciate any advice

Mbarajas by Community Member
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