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Cannot login to Nest account

I have had a Nest thermostat for several years. For the last week however I am unable to use the app or access my account via a browser (have tried different browsers on different computers). Every time I try to login with my Google account (and I ha...

Problem with Nest thermostat

Hello everyone.My nest thermostat is online, but It’s been offline in phone App for almost 15 days. I haven’t been able to control the thermostat with my phone, and I have tried everything so far nothing works. Any advice, please help.Thank you

gosiv23 by Community Member
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Nest Temperature Sensors

All 4 of my sensors have been offline for most of the day. Any widespread outages going on?

N_A by Community Member
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Galaxy s21 ultra

Upgraded phones and now the app wont connect to the thermostat? Tried it on my old phone still works, but new phone doesnt

turning on heat via cell phone

wifi working, furnace working and am able t manually change temp on Nest learning thermostat but cannot do it from my android , a new problem and no message on thermostat or Nest app

Neat thermostat Fan always running

 We’ve had the nest a few years and recently I’ve realized that the fan is always running.Yes fan is off on nest. Yes fan runs when temp is below or above what it should be.yes fan runs when faceplate is off.Found a thread from last year on here wher...

JtotheMe by Community Member
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Nest not turning heat on

Recently, from time to time, the nest thermostat isn’t turning the heat on even though its falling below the temp I have it set on. If I play with the setting, turning it down and then back up, the heat will come on for a minute or so and then shut o...

Bbraker8 by Community Member
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2nd gen Nest learning thermostat ring not working

Hi,I have a 2nd gen Nest learning thermo. It has been working fine until yesterday the ring doesn't work to select anything. You can push it to light up the display and to see the menu but turning the ring has no effect. The audible click is also abs...

Tjay by Community Member
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