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Nest thermostat won't cool house

Since Friday I've noticed the air conditioner rarely turning off but the house isn't cool. It's been set at 69 since we woke this morning and it's reading 76 in the house while it's 75 outside. I tested the heat and it never cut on even though the di...

knorton87 by Community Member
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P cable from climatemaster to Google Nest

Hi all!Im replacing my old Climatemaster thermostat to a Google Nest.Please find the picture of the actual connections.I need your help to:1) understand to which letter from the Google Nest I should map the P white cable from my old thermostat.2) Con...

image_67179265 (2).JPG
ak1 by Community Member
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Wiring a 24v adapter to Nest E

I am wiring a Nest E with a 24V Watterstein adapter. One of the 2 adapter wires goes to "C" terminal. Where does the other wire go? The furnace has 4 wires and no "C" wire. No one seems to know the answer.

Bill_MacK by Community Member
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Nest 2 issues with the furnace cycling, Turns back on within 5 minutes after shutting off and runs for 45 seconds. not pleased with this. reprogrammed and it seems to be a software issue. Anyone else experience this or have a fix please?

RealRock by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat will not turn off

HELP…. I just bought a Nest Gen 3 and installed yesterday. I only have a Heater with two wires. I installed the White to the W1 and the red to RH. The Furance immediately turned on. Which was awesome until I figured out I changed turn it off. I’ve be...

ctone by Community Member
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Nest not calling for heat

I have a Nest Thermostat E wired to an electric heater in my workshop. It has been working perfectly for several years. This weekend i went out to a cold workshop. Initially assumed my custom control box was failing. However, going into the troublesh...

jrbloom by Community Member
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Wiring nest e

Hi there I am trying to wire my nest thermostat and the current thermostat is a american standard. i have a red wire which goes to R which is goodyellow wire that goes to Y which is goodWhite wire which goes to w1 which is goodi also have a green wir...

TimO77 by Community Member
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