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heat will not run up from eco

We have our nest at a cabin. We keep it at 40 on eco wen not there. It will not turn up using comfort or sleep options from app. When we get there we can manually turn up but that defeats the purpose. We want it warm when we get there.


Hi my thermostat keeps saying in 2hrs+. I connected it through the app and on my phone it’s showing on but no heat is coming through.On the thermostat it’s showing on in 2 hrs +. I switched it on at 3pm got home at 6:15 pm and still no heat. My house...

Changed phone number

My wife changed her iPhone to an android phone. She now has a new number but nest will not let her change the phone number even when she has the same email address. Any ideas?

Fitz by Community Member
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Nest thermostats

Is there anyway to change the default 1 degree swing? I want to make the furnace turn on less frequently.

JerryE by Community Member
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Heat link won't connect to Thermostat E?

Our heatink is refusing to connect to the Thermostat, even if thermostat is next to the heat link. The blue light on the heat link is pulsing, not steady, does that mean anything? Any advice would be appreciated?

Camille by Community Member
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Heat not turning on.

I have Nest E:Inside temp is 68f and I dialed Nest temp to 74 Heat. Nothing turns on. I live in Miami and always use A/A only, this first time in a year requesting heat.

GAlz by Community Member
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Nest thermostat w5 error

My Nest thermostat has reported a w5 error and can't connect to a Wi-Fi network. It doesn't even detect WiFi. I have tried all the suggestions (restart and reset router and Nest Thermostat) and you still do not connect to WiFi. Please help.

Marty1 by Community Member
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AC Fan turns on during winter

I have a seperate oil burner and Central AC unit. I have a nest thermostat that is heat and cool to run both. During the winter when my thermostat is set heat only my ac fan turns on sporadically. How can I stop this from happening

Shappy53 by Community Member
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Nest heat link

Hi, I have a problem with my heat link which has been working reliably until last week. There is 240 volt supply, with no lights on, tried the 30 second button press, tried turning the power off for 10 minutes to see if that helped but nothing has wo...