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Nest Thermostats

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Google Nest Thermostat

hi my google Nest Thermostat is not connecting to the WIFI. we have bought two thermostat and one is working perfectly fine and the other one have issues and its show W5 error. we have try all suggested option which are available on system but unable...

Am11 by Community Member
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Connectin nest to Google home

My nest has recently been installed and the app seems to be working okay. I'm having issues, however trying to link my nest to Google home. Having looked online I see that I need to add the device to my home account but after I click 'works with Goog...

Nest Generation 3 and 2-wire Honeywell R7284

I recently moved into a house with forced air oil heating, and I wanted to use my Nest Generation 3 with it. There were only two wires running to the old thermostat (which used AA batteries): red and white (RH and W, with a jumper between RH and RC)....

Nathan_S by Community Member
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nest temp sensors

but of course my issue is not listed,so i got a new cell, and when i went to add the nest app to the new cell,the nest had a rough start nothing would connect,so i got that fixed now my temp sensors wont add to the nest or app, it says they are apart...

brent33 by Community Member
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3rd Gen Thermostat Turns Won't Keep Fan On

Hi. My Nest Learning Thermostat won't keep the fan on for more than a few seconds, turns off then repeats this behavior. This is with or without use of the schedule. The device indicates that the wires are connected correctly, no error messages have ...

Agillard8 by Community Member
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Issues connecting Nest Thermostat 2nd Generation to ER-142-400

Hi, we are curently upgrading all of our thermostat in our warehouse to Nest Thermostat. but we are having problems trying to connect the NEST Thermostat to on this unit : ER-142-400 : 16,500 cfm – 400,000 btu/hrwe are properly connecting the cables ...

image003.png image002.png

Nest learning thermostat

? Just installed my nest learning thermostat. I do not have a C wire. Will I need to periodically Remove and recharge the nest thermostat for it to work properly

Pen by Community Member
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Heatlink Faulty - No Power

Morning, my Heatlink unit has failed, I have checked Power and no issues, all fuses OK and boiler getting power.. I have held reset button for 30 secs and nothing. Hard reset nothing. Thermostat on wall now out of charge Responses to your standard ch...

Nest compatibility

 Hello!I was wondering if my AC System it's compatible with Nest thermostat.thank you in advance!

Carloslzn by Community Member
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