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W5 error problem

W5 error problem, have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions but nothing works. Please help

Florin13 by Community Member
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Repeated H1 - Error . Can’t connect to heatlink

I’ve had the set thermostat for over 3years and it’s all worked fine. Recently my connection between the thermostat a nd heat link fails. The WiFi stays connected but I still have the loss of connection.I be reset and reconnect multi times as per the...

GuyU1981 by Community Member
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Can't and thermostat to Vivint

So I just bought a Nest Thermostat with the intention of adding it to my Vivint Sky panel. The Vivint panel wants a pin from Nest in order to add the thermostat. Any direction on how to get said pin?

NikNoid by Community Member
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Nest thermostat not dropping temp

Had my 3rd gen thermostat work perfectly for the past 3 years. However, since it’s started to get a little colder here in the UK I’ve noticed my nest thermostat temp doesn’t seem to be lowering and therefore not triggering the heating to come on. For...

KyleT87 by Community Member
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Nest not responding

My Nest thermostat display is on, when I adjust the ring to change the temperature, it says press to change, the thermostat does not respond to the press. I have reset and done a hard reboot. Nothing helps. The only way to adjust the temperature is t...

No "Hold" function on this "smart" thermostat...

1) First of all, why doesn't the Nest Web app tell me what version, etc my thermostat is??? It should, as this help page requires the thermostat model info. 2) More importantly, why is there no "Hold" button/setting... My old manual timer-based Honey...

Eco mode

Does anyone’s nest go to away and eco mode by itself? If so how do you fix that? I have a scheduled for 78-79 during the day and 76-77 when we get home in the evening. When I get home the temp is at 82-83 and on eco mode. of I can fix the problem I j...