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Nest Thermostats

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Resolved! Nest heats when set to cool

Nest heats when set to cool. On heat it just runs the fan. I am in a condo with a cooling tower on the roof. Unit in my condo is all electric. My wires are Y. G, C, W and R.I have triple checked the wires. I have reset the Nest. I did a factory reset...

Jay77 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

I had 2 thermostats installed yesterday by a technician from my HVAC company. For one, he installed the nest c wire power adapter to the furnace as it is an older system without the c wire. That one is working fine. On the other, for some reason, he ...

mbrundo by Community Member
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Cant setup new Nest thermostat

Just installed a new nest thermostat - it is version with mirror front. didnt have one before. downloaded google home app. followed the instructions. google app doesnt find the nest. wifi fine. nest keeps flashing message 'continue setup in google ho...

AB44 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

Regarding thermostat: Why does my phone constantly say I'm away when I am home? I am in bed sleeping and it says I'm away. Then, I go to work, and it says I'm home. Wth???

Schuss by Community Member
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Login email code never arrives

I have had this thermostat for years.. since Nest the company was selling them. Occasionally I need to access my account to change the schedule etc. Today is one of those occasions. When I login now tho, I get a prompt to enter a code sent to my emai...

Jeffc5 by Community Member
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Thermostat ignoring eco

Hi one of my thermostats although set in eco at 10 is still warming the house to 22.5 how do I stop this

Re naming water on nest thermostat

I need to install 2 nest units to to control 2 heating zones and water, I'd like to use the spare water channel to control an electric towel rail. Therefor I'd like to rename one of the water channels to towel rail....... can this be done, if not, is...

Jctruman by Community Member
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Nest thermostat problems

I’ve recently had a nest thermostat fitted. I’ve set my thermostat to 19 degrees. The heating has now been on for a couple of hours and the temperature is still reading 15 degrees and my house is cold! I’ve just had my boiler serviced. This has been ...

Ursilla by Community Member
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