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Nest Thermostats

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Compatability and correct wiring

Having difficulty with nest telling me where to put the wires. Here is my old thermostat: We have a heat exchanger for the AC on the outside of the house. Does this mean I have a heat pump? Thanks  

Lever3000 by Community Member
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Help please nest e thermostat

Hi,I am thinking of buying the thermostat e.Currently my thermostat is located in the hallway which is a lot cooler than our living room.If we want it to be 18 degrees in our living room we change the stat to 18.The living room can be 18 degrees (we ...

ntj1971 by Community Member
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stat telling me no power at C

stat tells me power wire is not connected to C. with volt meter i have 26 volt at RH & C at sub base. These wires are home run back to equipment to transformer.

mhughes2 by Community Member
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No Usage and Thermostat keeps restarting

Hi, can anyone help? My Google Nest thermostat keeps restarting randomly. I have reset it a few times checked the connections which are all good and reset my router but it still keeps doing it? Also when I go on the nest app it says no usage however ...

Keefey94 by Community Member
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Heat link not working

My heat link has stopped working and no power is showing. The unit is a couple of years old. I’ve heard it’s a common problem?Any advice?

Formal complaint

How do I make a formal complaint regarding my heat link. I have just spent 3 agonising calls at 1 hour long doing troubleshooting after troubleshooting as heat link is not working for my hot water system, app shows the water heating as off but the bo...

Need some help with installation

Hi,I´m struggling on how to connect my nest learning thermostat to my old central heating system.I have a gasburner Buderus Logano G124X. It has a controller on top Logamatic R2109.Connected to the burner is a Radson EBU boiler. The thermostat I want...

Jeppa by Community Member
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