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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Nest stopped working RC error after recharging

We’ve had our Nest for 4-5 years. No problems until a few days ago. Super cold night and woke up to bedroom very cold. Checked Nest app and says it was offline. Checked Wifi and it was great. Went downstairs to Nest and it was dark. House at 53 degre...

jslw13 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat Gen 2- Dial not turning/stuck screen

Been dealing with this issue for 3 weeks and had reset it; charged it and nothing seems to work regarding the dial acativation. Finally, it is stuck and I am constantly turning the dial to move the thermostat to change the degree or screen. It's stuc...

Nester8 by Community Member
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Wiring for Google Thermostat

My old thermostat is a Honeywell Model TH6210U2001 and it had five wires connected to it: Red, Green, Yellow, White and a Blue wire connected to the W2 (Aux) terminal. In installing the Google Thermostat I can connect the first four wires correctly b...

Thermostat Install

I turned off the HVAC at the breaker box, but my thermostat is still on, and when I turned the temperature down 5 degrees, it still kicked on. Is there possibly another breaker to turn off?

Mcal0323 by Community Member
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E73 Error incorrect as tested with proper voltage

I know this issue has come up several times but I'm not seeing a solid solution for the problem I'm facing. I have inspected the wiring at the furnace all the way to the mounting plate and have 27 volts at both locations. When plugging the nest unit ...

Dunkin by Community Member
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Learning thermostat won’t connect anymore

I have multiple thermostats and for the past month one won’t connect to Wi-Fi or the app. I’ve tried resetting everything and now won’t even connect for setup. Is it possible that it’s junk and needs to be replaced?

Macv by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Nest not compatible

I tried to replace my old thermostat with Nest. While checking the wires in my old thermostat, the app tells me mine is incompatible. It may be because mine has two zones with cables - W, Y, G, Rh, Rc, O. I hope someone can help if there is any way t...

junoh2 by Community Member
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App connection problems in Google Nest Thermostat

My google nest thermostat has problems staying connected to the internet only in the app.It will stay connected for maybe a day or two then goes offline.The wall mounted unit always stays connected so it’s not a problem.I have restarted the modem,rem...

bobaloo46 by Community Member
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Nest e - cannot access settings

Screen displays heat. Is not connected to internet. When system button is pushed nothing happens. The display goes back to heat display. All instructions I have found tell me to access system.

Sean5 by Community Member
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E195 error no ac

A few months ago we started getting an e195 error intermittently. By intermittently I mean every 1-2 minutes. We don’t have A/C just a furnace. It clicks the heat on and off so frequently that our house doesn’t get up to the set temp anymore. I’ve ch...