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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Temperature Pods

I have a 2 storey home. The nest thermostat is on the main floor. We have a temperature pod on the upper floor (bedrooms). There's a few degree temperature difference between the floors (dampers from furnace make the main floor warmer than upper floo...

KarlHavoc by Community Member
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Wiring E/74

My thermostat is giving E/74  wiring report no power to Rh wire

Google nest won’t come on

Changed batteries in my google nest and it won’t come back on. I have checked several times that batteries are in correctly and they are brand new out of a fresh pack of Duacel Poweboost AAA

Jmar48 by Community Member
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Lack of Hold Option on tthe High End "Learning" thermostat

Why would Google go out of their way to remove a basic thermostat function like "Hold Temperature". This is a basic future of even lead based thermostats from.. well... since they were invented. Why would the budget model have a hold feature and not ...

NHDriver4 by Community Member
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I can't pair my Nest Thermostat with my phone.

I moved into a house with 2 Nest thermostats, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. I downloaded the app and paired both of them with my phone. My downstairs unit was no longer showing up on my Nest app. However, it still is working, i.e. I can co...

RandyHP by Community Member
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Boosting Hot water - away from home

So recently my nest app has stopped allowing me to boost the hot water or turn on heating when I’m not quite home yet - the exclamation symbol appears on both heating and hot water but as soon as I’m back on the house WiFi it is absolutely fine. Anyo...

MissVicks by Community Member
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Nest Power Connector Manual Testing

I am trying to determine if the power connector I have is defective. Here is what has happened: I was trying to install a snow Nest thermostat in an old building at my church. The original thermostat was a programmable with only two wires for heating...

graussofj by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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Rheem furnace error code 55/57

Getting error code 55/57 on my Rheem shortly after I installed a Nest Snow thermostat. Could this be related to the thermostat or is it probably coincidental?What is happening is the I turn the heat on and it blows hot air for a while but then stops....

benjn by Community Member
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Unable to log on to nest

I know this has been posted before with no apparent hope of being able to contact google beyond then helpful guides I’m completely locked out by password of nest account password reset emails never arrived. Yet I know the password it rejects is corre...

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