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Nest Thermostats

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Heatlink Dead

My 2-year old Nest thermostat has ceased to work. The installing company electrician has confirmed the heatlink unit is dead. No lights showing on heatlink unit. The head unit is fine. First noticed a h72 error then the battery in the head unit went ...

nest home app time limits are arbitrary

I've been using the nest now for a full cooling season, and now the beginning of heat... it all works pretty well for me, but i of course have some grievances all revolving around software: besides not being able to adjust the hysteresis (sometimes c...

EdPhx by Community Member
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Nest 2 generation reading wrong temp inside

I have the older 2nd gen and people with both 3rd and 2nd gen are reporting the same issue... It seems Google didn't bother to fix this issue that seems to affect a few units on their newer models either

PP053071 by Community Member
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Manual shipping label

I got the replacement thermostat and I need to return the old thermostat. How can I get the shipping label for return item

Scheduling heating timings

I have a nest thermostat! I get how to schedule temperatures but I don’t understand how long it stays on for I only want it to reach that temp then turn off until it’s scheduled again or I turn it on!?

Hannah21 by Community Member
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Follow Up on Nest Thermostat

Hi there,I'm following up on my previous correspondence with your team.I had an issue with getting my thermostat connected to the wifi and Nest app. We tried different solutions but it did not work. A case has been opened for me and the issue has bee...

Farinaz by Community Member
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Combine multiple temperature sensors.

Hello, Sort of a feature request, after some context.I have a an a/c unit with two zones. Each zone has a nest thermostat & two additional temperature sensors, so 6 ways to read the temp in the house. When setting up a schedule, only one sensor can b...

BWSD by Community Member
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