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Nest Thermostats

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N260 problem even though power connector installed

I have an older heat only gas/hot air system, and the thermostat wire only has white and red. So I installed the Nest and was directed to install the power connector, which I did. It worked fine for about a week and then started giving me the N260 er...

Thermostat turns off/random schedule developed

It looks like I’m having similar problems to other users. After having the thermostat for about a year, it started turning off without reaching target heat temperature. I’ve tried turning off eco, resetting, etc. Just wondering if anyone has found a ...

Nest therastat

My thermostat says “turn on the thermostat ? And under it “ thermostat off”. I press “ turn on the thermostat” . And it goes darkfor about 2- 3 minutes and then it comes up again with “ thermostat off” . It happens even if i press turn on. The thermo...

b-rb by Community Member
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Nest thermostat keeps going offline

In similar post year, but no real resolution. I’ve had this thermostat for two years, almost 3, only recently has it started to drop Wi-Fi, usually after a day or two. I reset the thermostat network, I reset, my modem, I reconnect, it works for a day...

rmargos by Community Member
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Why doesn't nest improve the interface for the thermostat?

The design of the interface for the thermostat is so terrible! I can't believe no one has improved it or even put any thought into the design. A previous post mentioned how it seems to have been designed by accountants. For me the biggest peeve is th...

ahsannaqi by Community Member
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Google nest thermostat

Does this work with a 4 wire system? I have red green yellow and white. The red wire on my current thermostat seems to connect twice from what I can see.

Heater won't turn off with Nest thermostat

Ac works fine and turns off as set most of time the heater will not. It keeps running and getting hotter so then I have to turn on the AC to cool off the house and then I turn off and eventually it turns off but not right away.

Rush Hour Rewards

Can anyone at Google tell me how much energy Rush Hour Rewards customers save per year? A overall percentage would be great, like 2% a year versus non-Rush Hour Rewards participants. Thanks!

schmoejoe by Community Member
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