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It'll kick on but my furnace won't put put any heat through the vents

Jessjess by Community Member
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Nest e-learning thermostat

Hi I have Nest e-learning 3rd generation thermostat. My thermostat is not working properly. When i set the temperature for heating to 21 degrees the temperature rises up to 36 degree . It started to happen recently. I my thermostat is still under war...

Nest-E dual zone compatability

Hello Nest Community, i have two Nest E thermostats but im not sure if it will work with my One Furnace two thermostat system (two zone system)Will the Nest E work for two zone?

eespino by Community Member
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Google Home Ap

I have downloaded the Google Home Ap to my Android cell phone to install my new Next thermostat but the OK button will not luminate. It says "Choose Account, Use this account with the Google Home App" but I'm unable to activate the OK button


Hi,The history on my nest thermostat is 2 days behind the current day. Is it possible to have the history more up to date?Thanks

Lesley by Community Member
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Off mode but still heating

I used Nest thermostats in the past two years to preheat and then shut down heating during peak periods, which is rewarded by my electricity provider through credits (I live in a country north of the US). I control Nest devices through a Home Assista...

pdespres by Community Member
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