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Nest Thermostats

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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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what do the R C and W posts do? n260 c wire to relay

ok i installed a 240v toe kick heateri source it from a cabinet w a 2p relay [24v coil]Toe kick works great when you pick the coil closednow i install the nest thermo stat with the n260 codei only needed two wires to pick the coil before, but i added...

keech by Community Member
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Nest 3rd generation thermostat, e74 error

I installed a new generation 3 learning thermostat back in 8/2021 and all of a sudden tonight it gave us the e74 error code. Nothing changed with our power or the breaker. Our internet is fine as well. We reset the breaker and the thermostat both tim...

Nest Pro ID

I am and HVAC contractor in Salt lake City I have a client that needs a 6 digit Pro ID to access certain things in this device. Mainly we need to control a humidifier that also has the ability to turn on the fan only on the thermostat. This function ...

Eco temperatures never end

I use the home away function only on my two nest protects that are in the second floor bedrooms. I don't use my phone or the thermostat for the home away function. After nest has gone to away, my thermostat will go to Eco temperatures. But sometimes ...

Bacon by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Error N260

I installed my new Nest Thermostat and is showing Error N260 ... it seems that it is working, but why am I getting that message and how can I fix it?

madorio by Community Member
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thermostat wi fi connectability

if there is a power outage, and my thermostat looses its Wi Fi connection, will it automatically reconnect when the power is restored ?

aquahut by Community Member
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Schedule not changing in line with clocks going back on hour

In the UK the clocks went forward a couple of days ago. My NEST, however, is starting one hour earlier than it should, which means it has not adapted to the change of time. It starts at 5.00am, for example, when it should now begin at 6.00am.The time...

Simon1 by Community Member
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