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3rd gen thermostat

Hi , hope you can help I need to purchase a new wall base plate,thanks,Ken.

Ken by Community Member
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Can’t connect at all. Can’t do anything.

Long story short. Had one connected for about a month then it disconnected itself. Wouldn’t reconnect. Reset it. Now won’t do anything. Got a second. Won’t do anything. I have 2 stuck on the same screen and can’t do a thing with them. How do I move o...

Deanna866 by Community Member
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Nest Network Wifi Error W5

My Nest will not connect to the network and I have tried all the troubleshooting steps but nothing works. Keep getting the same network W5 error. Please help!

clmpc by Community Member
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73 degrees—-Please Help

The temperature inside my house changes to 73° at the same time every day even though I have 70° set across-the-board with no sign of 73. And it stays that way unless I manually start up the cooling. Can someone please help me understand what’s going...

nest305 by Community Member
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Minimum Voltage

Hi, I recently purchased a nest learning thermostat and called a OnTech technician home to install it. On opening the earlier thermostat, he said that the wires all look good except he measured the voltage and it was 22.6V. He said that the minimum r...

Reset Nest Thermostat

I have purchased new house and it has next thermostat that is locked and Previous owner has not provided me pascode for it. Neither its linked to my phone. How do you I reset thermostat. Its switched off and no heating and cooling

Nest stopped working with Google home

Nest Thermostat will no longer be controlled via Google either from my phone on Google home app or Google home mini. Worked fine before. My nest app on my phone works fine and controls the thermostat fine. But when I click on the Thermostat from the ...

Tom_ by Community Member
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Nest wiring for a Geothermal with heat pump ( 2 jumpers)

I have 2 jumpers in my current wiring. What do I need to do to wire this correctly for my nest. It is a geothermal system with a heat pump. Thanks.The system made by Hydro-Temp, installed 2007.White- to OYellow to Y, with a jumper to WGreen to GRed t...

jkerby by Community Member
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Heat link not working and no lights

Hi,3rd Gen The heat link box has failed and had no amber or green led. Tried the 30 sec reset and check fuse board etc.No heating and need a replacement asap.Can you help please

Martin_Ni by Community Member
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Is my wiring compatible w/Nest gen3?

 Is my wiring compatible? Also, I have a heat pump and air unit. Does that complicate the install, if they both currently just use these wires?

DTrofi by Community Member
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