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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Farsight app settings

Hi, my farsight settings on the home app does not appear? I have searched both Home app and Nest app but there is no option to select or change Farsight.also I have changed settings on the thermostat device it’s self and the unit doesn’t switch on wh...

Jonti by Community Member
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Time not updated

My address is in the app but my Nest thermostat hasn’t updated the time for the UK click changeWhy and how do I change the time on the app?

Loubeelou by Community Member
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Temp sensor offline

My temperature sensor goes offline every day. I reset the thermostat and it goes back online only to go offline the next day. The sensor battery is new. What can I do to keep the sensor online?

divado by Community Member
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I'm trying to determine if my my existing thermostat is compatible with the nest learning. Attached is a picture of my exiting wiring scheme. Can you help please?

thermosat wiring.jpg
DaveSL by Community Member
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Can I monitor temp without connecting to a thermostat?

I have a wine cellar in my basement and I'd love to be able to check the temp / get alerts in my Google home app rather than buy a 3rd party product with its own app. Is it possible to set up a nest thermostat sensor purely to read the temperature bu...

Nest gen3 issue. Blank screen, flashes yellow/green green.

TRANE Trane XV80 a/c Knocked a nest off customers wall and dented the ring, making it hard to turn. Bought him a new one, and connected into his existing base. Working fine after setup. Decided to repair old one for myself, and replaced outer ring. T...

Gbotha1 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Forgot passwords nest thermostat app

Hi hope someone can help.I can't open my nest app I put the email in and password in but it is wrong. Iv gone down the forgotten password route and clicked the forgotten password button and put my email in but have not received a resets password emai...

Welshgog by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Idiots' guide to setting up Nest (3rd gen)

My heating engineer installed a Nest (3rd gen) while I was away. Can anyone point me to a guide on the internet to how to set it up (one in simple straightforward terms please!)? I am in the UK. I believe this type of thermostat is known as a Nest Le...

Hedgie by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat loses connection to Heat Link

I've had a Nest Thermostat and Heat Link installed and working for over one year. In the last few weeks it's reported losing connection to the Heat Link several times. There haven't been any changes in location or settings. Every time it's reconnecte...

cw2 by Community Member
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