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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat calls for heat while in cool mode

I have two zones had ac equipment replaced in the fall last year and still troubleshooting this problem. In only one zone the other nest works fine. It calls for the heat to pulse on and off while cooling. We checked wiring and even replaced the boar...

Nest generation 3

So first time as temp going down turned on thermostat in living room getter error N72 Power wire detected no connection to equipment. I checked power with meter and I’m seeing 24v between C and R wire not sure why exactly

Dcoates by Community Member
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Replacing NT Learning (3rd gen) when Power Connector installed

Hi, I have a replacement NT 3G coming in the mail. Original unit wouldn't hold a battery charge despite having the Power Connector installed. Can I just plug in and setup a new unit with the Power Connector installed or do I have to remove it from th...

jel by Community Member
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Nest 3rd gen heat

No power or lights to my heat link. Approx 2 years old been through all the fault finding still no joy. How do I get a replacement? Thanks

Markhry by Community Member
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Heat link no lights

Overnight our heatlink has stopped working. Completely dead with no lights. We've no heating or hot water. I've tried the reset, the hold down for 30 seconds, cut power to the while house to see if it would reboot, but no.It was installed about 18 mo...

Susan333 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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3rd gen heat link not working

Hi, my thermostat is showing h72 error and says no power. The heat link is showing no lights either, I have tried to press the button and hold down etc but nothing happens, appears completely dead? Can a replacement heat link be sourced??  

Lee2021 by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat home/away assist problems

Hi,The home/away assist is not working as expected. If often thinks I'm away even when I am home, and turns it to Eco mode.I have read up and have tried some things, like checking my home address is set correctly, but nothing has worked.ThanksMatt

mattw80 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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nest stuck on home icon

nest stuck on home icon. Tried everything nothing works. Sat on 020 7660 0424 for 30 mins no answer. No heating and hot water and things are getting cold. Any suggestions?

antz8096 by Community Member
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Won't connect to new boiler

Hiwe have a new boiler and the Nest thermostat won't connect. We reset it and now just have a permanent picture on it that we can't get rid of. Any clues? The picture looks like a mobile phone.

Jo37 by Community Member
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