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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat run time history

Hi, I recently switched internet providers and had to swap the Wi-Fi on my nest thermostat. I’ve had this device for 1.5 years now, and all the previous info about run times (how long the heat/ac ran) is now gone, deleted. I can’t seem to find it any...

Nest temperature gauge

My thermostat blacked out and will not respond stays on Cole what’s the problem

Latif by Community Member
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Connecti h wire

Trying to upgrade an old thermostat to nest, I have the following wires, yellow, white, red and blue.. in many videos he 4th wire is green.. I'm confused as to where this blue wire goes..

Jd11420 by Community Member
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Xfinity Home App

I accidentally disconnected my two Nest Learning thermostats from Xfinity Home and now there is no way to reconnect them. The only reason that this is an issue for me is that when I would set my Xfinity Home alarm to away it would automatically set m...

egross714 by Community Member
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E260 no power on Nest

Hi! I keep getting an error message E260 on my Google Nest after installing. This was before removing my old one (yuck) This is the current setup that keeps giving me and error message of no power. I’ve disconnected and reconnected everything, restri...

4C9B3ED4-8FAA-49AC-A3C6-90FA1606DAC3.jpeg EF1E2417-6737-44E3-903D-5DEA1EB1E263.jpeg
ColdNYC by Community Member
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how to turn off all nest auto settings and eco

Nest Thermostat. My eco is OFF. I have a schedule set for hours of operation. The thermostat constantly changes my settings and turns on Eco mode. Is there something we can do to stop this?! I set it to 72 degrees, I go out, an hour later it goes bac...

eDD1 by Community Member
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Ticking sound from Nest Gen 3 Thermostat

Good day,I'm not currently having any software problems, difficulties heating my home, or trouble using one of my Nest thermostats, but I just walked by it and I noticed that there is a quiet ticking sound coming from in constantly. My girlfriend has...

Thermostat won't turn off

Just added a new Navien combi-boiler and the Nest now continues to send power via the red lead once the room comes to temp. Lower the temp on the nest, signal is still being sent. Turn off the nest, still get the need heat signal. Wiring is set up co...

MCS08097 by Community Member
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