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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostats - error message

Hi, error message is coming up on Nest thermostat. Error is H72. Nest is also not coming on at all and when it does it displays the error message.Advice/help neededthanks

JC1 by Community Member
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Outside temperature is wrong

The outside temperature where I’m at is 64 degrees and the best thermostat says it’s 51 degrees. I’m not sure why and i can’t figure out how to correct it. I’ve enabled location services on my phone it’s still wrong.

Ryknows by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat Rh & Rc jumped

Wired my nest based on the app, my old thermostat had Rh and Rc jumped (red wire). I put the red wire in Rh on the nest. I do not have a cooling option. I have only four wires, red, white, green and black. Do I need to set something in the app?

Nest thermostat

Why doesn’t the thermostat reflect the set schedule? For example, I added a custom temp preset of “afternoon” which was set to switch over to “comfort” at 4:30pm. This never happened. It is now 9:30pm and the thermostat still reads “afternoon”. When ...

Nf1228 by Community Member
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No heat

My system is forced air cooling and hot water heating. I installed the Tstat in the summer. It cools very well. today I switched it to heating. Turned up the temp, and when it called for heat, the FAN turned on. It is obviously wired wrong. Which wir...

Scottd by Community Member
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7 wire system. I have everything labeled but the brown A wire.

Hi all, Just went out and bought the nest learning thermostat and am in the middle of wiring it up. I have everything labeled with the exception of a Brown A wire. Looking through the manual of my old system it looks like it’s an “Economizer/Time of ...

DDC36A62-4FC0-4464-9647-2DBC22DDC23E.jpeg 766887CF-EB5E-4430-9B9C-93C2C4C5D12D.jpeg
Rpixton by Community Member
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