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Nest Thermostats

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One of two nest keeps falling off line.

We have two nest in our home. The downstairs unit keeps falling offline. It sends a message: “Thermostat doesn’t have enough power for Wi-Fi.” However, when switching the units, down to up, the upstairs unit worked just fine in the downstairs locatio...

Cecilia27 by Community Member
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temp set to 85, cooling turns on at 80

We finally have some warm days here, and the Nest is able to turn on my AC, but when I set the temperature to 85, it still turns on the AC at 80. I can't find a way to make it keep AC off until the temperature gets to 85.Any ideas?

mrehorst by Community Member
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Resolved! E wire to W wire (Replacing thermostat)

I'm upgrading two thermostats for two separate systems and doubting the compatibility checker. Both systems are less than 2 years old.First floor Nest install was straight forward and quick. It controls a package system.Second floor is where I'm stuc...


Nest not working for ac

Hi I installed my nest over the winter and the heat has worked fine. I have 2 zones and had to install the power connector to the relay for the basement nest to get power. I have central air upstairs and when I went to turn it on yesterday it didn’t ...

Shavz by Community Member
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Nest E Thermostat not shutting off Air

I installed a thermostat that was n ew in the packaging never used before. I have all the correct wirring R Y W G C all test are working fine except ounce you set and turn on the AC to a temperature to 62 the ac runs and runs for hours with no change...


Cooling and set point behavior

I want to make sure Nest is capable of doing the following: I want to set my thermostat to 74 as the set point so that the AC turns on when the temperature reaches 1 degree above (75) and turns off when it reaches 1 degree below the set point (73).pl...

Sfsarlay by Community Member
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Orange light flashing

I have an orange light flashing on my nest. What does this mean? I’ve reset it, I’ve checked to see if it’s connected to the Wi-Fi which it is. What can possibly be the issue?

LishaT by Community Member
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H71 error and no power to heat link

Have got a H71 error on my thermostat, and says can’t connect to heat link. Went to heat link and there’s no power to it. All cables and connections are fine, all in tact nothing fallen, rest of the house is fine for power, no power cuts or fuses blo...

Emruss77 by Community Member
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