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My thermostat keeps rebooting. The only things that keeps showing up on the display is the google logo. Ive tried resetting it and even recharging it with a usb cable. The thermostat has not worked for weeks.

Nest app thermostat data

Hi,Nest thermostats IOS app shows missing data & or inaccurate data for the last week. Can you advise how to resolve this. This seems to happen every now & then. Same issue on browser as well.

PaulBrad by Community Member
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Google nest 3r generation won’t connect to wifi

About 3 months ago I bought my google nest thermostat but from the first day it could never connect to the wifi and I got tired of searching the internet and it does not connect, what should I do to solve this problem?

Javi1480 by Community Member
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Home Away Assist stopped working

Home Away assist stopped working a few weeks ago right around the time Google introduced the new Leaf program. What used to happen is when I would leave the home, the Thermostat would go to Eco and the indoor cam would turn on. When I returned cam tu...

evernon by Community Member
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Humidifier Operation

I have am using a Nest to control the Humidfer solenoid valve. It is presently wired to the * terminal and the humidifier operates satisfactorily when the thermostat calls for heat. We live in a very dry climate and I want to bring more humidity to t...

KenBragg by Community Member
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6 zones, how many power connectors?

If there are 6 zones in a two wire thermostat heating system, how many google power connectors are needed to supply power to 6 nest thermostats? Does it require 6 power connectors, or is there a way to wire in only 1 power connector to supply power t...

Superstat by Community Member
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Nest 3rd Gen Not Displaying Humidifier Water Droplet Icon

Running a fully updated 3rd Generation Nest, I have noticed that the water droplet icon that is normally displayed on the thermostat screen itself as well as the android, ipphone, and web browser controls does NOT display if you have a fan schedule s...

blainebug by Community Member
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