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scratched nest doorbell battery lens

I had a family member remove the doorbell to charge it. When they remounted the doorbell, they dropped it on the floor scratching the lens and there is a slight blur in video (also the black parts with the IR lights and other sensors)Is there a repla...

Faricity by Community Member
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Neat doorbell lens glass

  The glass cover has came off my nest door bell lens how do I get a replacement, it’s only a few year old had the pealing as well but this is the worst bit because now it fogs up

084E6EDA-1EDC-4A2B-8665-44D05F5CAA01.jpeg 2F1D162A-06CF-4174-976C-7DF92B5AB3C0.jpeg
Jstwee by Community Member
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Migrating accounts lose features

Here’s some feedback. It’s unfair to have us migrate accounts pay a little extra to record all devices. Only to lose the 24/7 recording feature. As an original Nest owner before google came on to the scene I shouldn’t lose that as an option. I should...

Danchav83 by Community Member
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Can the doorbell be installed at a front entrance that doesn’t have a roof protecting it? My front door is very open to the elements but I’m interested in purchasing.


How do I find out if nest aware is available for my nest camera in the area that I live in

Hairnutt1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Can't Connect Google Nest Camera to wifi

Hello,I setup a new Google Next Cam (Indoor wired 2nd Gen) at my parents house but now want to set it up at my house.Every time I try to add it as a new device it doesn't connect. I get now blue light or chime.I tried deleting it from my parents home...

n33d_h3lp by Community Member
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