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Black screen on chromecast

Hello everyone, I just bought a Chromecast with Google tv and set it up on an Asus VP28U monitor.Setting up went smoothly and I even managed to watch some videos for 1h. I switched the monitor off and came back 5min later and now Chromecast shows a b...

Orpha by Community Member
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How to use Chromecast Guest Mode?

Hello everyone, I have Chromecast with Google TV and want to enable Guest Mode, but I am unable to do so. I researched a few articles on the internet like How to Use Google Chromecast like a ProAll of these state that Guest Mode is not supported by G...

Chromecast connected but no video

Hi I managed to connect a Chromecast 3° gen o my old sharp Aquos tv but it just shows the boot animation and then a black screen,The Chromecast is connected and working and when I try to cast from YouTube or other apps only the audio is workingAny so...

Giuseppe2 by Community Member
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remote broken

the google store told me to come to this site to ask for a replacement since it should still be under warranty it has been less than a year since google dropped tv for this system.please advise me to the next phase and how to get the new remote. than...

TimC01 by Community Member
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Not connecting chromecast

Gave TV streaming device.When connected to the USB, it showed the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password for which it was configured.I created such a hot spot on my phone and connected a laptop to it. It looks like the laptop and the cast are con...

REA61 by Community Member
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Resolved! Can't connect to Wi-Fi after broadband service provider change

I have changed from BT to Sky. When I try to connect to my TV using the Google Home app I get "Can't connect to Wi-fi" on the TV screen and "This device was previously set up by a different user. Please factory reset the device."I have performed a fa...

Graywag by Community Member
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Chromecast remote issues

My Chromecast remote has crashed! I recently used my Chromecast in a hotel for a weekend and paired the remote with the tv there for universal remote functions.Since coming back I had to reset and repair it (which took a while) and then ran a softwar...

DanielJS by Community Member
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Chromecast Restarts When Attempting to Cast

When I try to cast a show (tried both prime video and Netflix, both apps up to date) the chrome cast would say "ready to cast and show the app's home screen, but as soon as I hit play on a show, it would restart. I tried factory resetting it and rebo...

GabrielC by Community Member
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