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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat compatible?

I have these wires for my existing systemLooped red wire connecting W2 and WE Yellow GreenLooped red wire connecting RC to RH Is this compatible for the Google Nest Thermostat?

Stevepaul by Community Member
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Hello, heating no longer works have had someone have a look and it’s the heatlink. How do I get a new one sent out please

Ben1986 by Community Member
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My thermostat keeps reading preheating when the heat comes on what can I do about this?

Forgot pin code

What do I do if I forgot my Pin Code and my device is no longer appearing on my nest App, we changed net provides so it’s not connected to wifi anymore! How can I rest thermostat back to factory settings?

MN by Community Member
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Restart Nest Thermostat E remotely?

I have 3 Nest Thermostat E in different parts of the house. They are all reading crazy high temperatures (96,97,100). But the furnace is not running. Can I restart them remotely?The help doc does not match what I'm seeing on my iPhone or web browser.

kji by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

Tried setting up and will not make it past the screen where it is looking for already connected apps so that it can connect to wifi. I have performed a factory reset and tried this setup step a few times now with the same result... Error stating "cou...

Jasonn357 by Community Member
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