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Nest thermostat w5 error

My Nest thermostat has reported a w5 error and can't connect to a Wi-Fi network. It doesn't even detect WiFi. I have tried all the suggestions (restart and reset router and Nest Thermostat) and you still do not connect to WiFi. Please help.

Marty1 by Community Member
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AC Fan turns on during winter

I have a seperate oil burner and Central AC unit. I have a nest thermostat that is heat and cool to run both. During the winter when my thermostat is set heat only my ac fan turns on sporadically. How can I stop this from happening

Shappy53 by Community Member
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Nest heat link

Hi, I have a problem with my heat link which has been working reliably until last week. There is 240 volt supply, with no lights on, tried the 30 second button press, tried turning the power off for 10 minutes to see if that helped but nothing has wo...

Thermostat gets added to incorrect Home in Google home app

Tried installing twice, once on the thermostat, entered the correct postal code for the house. It added to my other home. Looked in settings, it changed the postal code to that house, not the one I have it installed. Tried installing via app, same is...

Sector7g by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

My Nest Thermostat is not recognising my IPhone as being at home, and therefore Home/Away assist is not working correctly. I have tried uninstalling etc, restarting phone, and everything else I know to fix with no success. Any suggestions??

Nest Heat Link Stopped working.

Hi. My Nest base reports Heatlink connection is down. I have read through troubleshooting and tried to reset is but still no lights whatsoever. Also tried to charge it over its USB port but no luck. I has no lights at all except the charging light wh...

kasdal by Community Member
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Accessing Google Nest over web (not app, *web*)?

Hi,Is there a way to access my Google Nest thermostats over the web? (e.g., from Chrome or Safari on my Mac laptop)?Note that I do not mean *app*, I mean *web*.Bonus points if the method includes the WAN, not just LAN. (I.e., the ability to access th...

sieler by Community Member
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