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Question about the Nest "No" Jumper wires needed

Hi Everyone, I just purchased a Nest Learning thermostat and installed it. My original thermostat used a jumper wire between the Rh and Rc terminals. There was only one power (red) wire coming out of the wall. The instructions for setting up the nest...

Remote temperature reading does not go below 50F

Hi, a problem with my 2 Nest 1.4 thermostats that just returned after working fine during the past Winter. When I have the thermostat off and the safety temp set to 40F it will not remotely show me the actual room temperature when it dips below 50F. ...

sgradia by Community Member
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Compatibility checker - update

Hi all -I had posted a while back ( and got some replies, ...

LJL212 by Community Member
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Attempt to install nest on Bryant

The only paperwork I could find regarding model was BA13 and a couple others that shared the same paper work. I hooked the nest up as shown first with the Brown wire in the O/B spot then in the W2 spot. I couldn't get a single function to work, heat,...

bbooska by Community Member
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My Thermostat displayed H72 The heat link has no lights and I have tried a reset, power cycle and nothing works. There is power getting to the heatlink and to the boiler. From my research I see this is a common issue. Could you please advise on repla...

Jamesoc by Community Member
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Setting tempo

We are new to using the nest thermostat. We live in Arizona so I want to set it so it stays at 77 all the time and the air isn't running all day. I have it set at 77 but it keeps the house at 75. How do I fix this?


Hi, Nest thermostat come up with an error H71. I’ve checked the heat link and it seems to be dead, no light at all. There’s power going to it and my boiler, and there is hot water but no heating. I’ve tried resetting and restarting it, switch off pow...

Folk22 by Community Member
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