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Missing Hold Function

We need to keep the conversation going about the lack of a simple, basic feature on the learning thermostat, i. e. A HOLD function. Sometimes you just want to ignore the schedule temporarily. That cannot be difficult. Why is Nest not correcting this?...

Google nest thermostat

Okay I desperately need help, getting really frustrated with my thermostat, so I have it in the hallway, and I’ve set my schedule recently, which it follows, but it’s also started following it’s own routine where it turns on at midnight, every night ...

BHarris97 by Community Member
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I unfortunately had two of my nest stats deleted from my Nest app account (son got my phone!!) and now it won’t allow me to add them. I’m getting the error code td014. Any suggestions?

Jayzee1 by Community Member
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Nest power connector for 2 thermostats?

I purchased 2 nest thermostats for my heating only system. I have a millivolt heating system. I installed the first thermostat and installed the nest power connector and step down transformer to get the 24 volts to the connector.The nest thermostat I...

Radiators permanently on

I've got a Thermostat E and I'm using the iOS app on iPhone. Thermostat E is set up in the living room with the heat link above the boiler in the utility room. There are separate (non-Nest) thermostats which control underfloor heating in the kitchen ...

wilcoxc by Community Member
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