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Nest Thermostats

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Resolved! Celsius .5 degrees

HI all. Does anyone know if the learning thermostat and the new nest thermostat do .5 degree increments in Celsius? Example 20.5C and so on?Also the new nest thermostats come in 4 colors, is the front part of the display coloured as well? As in is th...

Savage420 by Community Member
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touch bar

The new NEST thermostat I am installing scans the bar code my phone nest app then asks for Entry Key. The touch bar will not allow me any further than asking to goto google home for set up. How dowe get this operating?

i am not getting entry key

i am not able to connect nest thermostat to my IOS, its not providing entry key, please suggest

raj22 by Community Member
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Resolved! combi-boiler + split aircon

Hi all - having trouble researching this issue. I have a Viessmann combi-boiler that sends hot water to my home’s radiators, and 4 x Hitachi splits with wifi adapters installed in each of them, to provide cooling (and supplementary heat if needed). C...

pj-italy by Community Member
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Thermostat issues

I’m replacing a nest with a nest I wired the new one the same as the old one but now the ac turns on in heat and the heat turns on for ac

Thermostat PIN

Last night I tried to turn on my thermostat by using the Nest app on my phone but it hanged there for ages. I tried to turn the heating on with the thermostat but it is locked and asks for a PIN that I don't know.Please helpThanksDavid

Dave10 by Community Member
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Thermostat forgot pin

Need someone from customer service to guide me step-by-step please I Need help unlocking nest E thermostat forgot pin

Aryyy by Community Member
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Resolved! Connecting a 24V Transformer to the Nest Thermostat

Hi all.I have a system with 4 wires (R; W; Y and G).I have no C wire but I don't want to lose the fan control, so I want to connect a 24V transformer to the Nest Thermostat (that have only 6 connectors R,W,Y,G,C and OB).One of the transformer's wires...

BernardJ by Community Member
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