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Nest Thermostats

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I am unable to connect my Nest to my iPhone after a power outage. The ring will not go into a Setting mode.

Asti by Community Member
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Maintaining proper voltage to internal battery

I have Nest thermostat model 1.4. Which is just a year old. There are several months within the year where where we don’t need either heat or cooling. Currently the voltage reading is 3.16 although battery status states ok. The system is currently of...

Llassen3 by Community Member
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I have this installed in a vacation property. I have a daily program and an away setting. I want the away setting to take priority over the schedule. If it's empty I don't want the heat running every morning based on the schedule even though it's sho...

Seasonal savings could kill your baby

So.. last night at 2am I noticed my baby's room was in the 50s even though our schedule sets the temperature to 68 at midnight (recommended temperature for baby's room). Imagine my surprise when I witnessed the tstat was OFF when it was freezing outs...

CA3 by Community Member
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New Baxi Boiler fitted and Nest no longer operating boiler

Had a Baxi Eco Compact condenser boiler fitted a couple of weeks ago by a gas registered fitter. Was away from home so hadn't realised that the Nest Thermostat App on my phone wasn't working correctly. I have reconnected the heat link to the thermost...

Davojill by Community Member
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Heat Link 2 not working - no heat at all!

My Heat Link 2 has stopped working - no lights at all, have tried the usual - turning on off/ holding button down etc but there any way I can get the heating/hot water on manually - we are freezing!

Juliet1 by Community Member
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