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Google Nest Thermostat

I am in the process of installing a Google nest thermostat that has 6 wire connections. My current Honeywell thermostat has 7 wire connections. the extra white wire is connected to Y2 or E on the current Honeywell thermostat. Please advise.Thanks, Cr...

Resolved! Can’t find hot water setting

Ive got a NEST learning thermostat - inherited it with a house I bought. Reset it using the app but I can only find a setting for heating and can’t find a hot water setting (I don’t have a combo boiler) altho I know the previous owners of my house us...

Resolved! Humidity readings incorrect

Eversince I installed this 4th generation nest thermostat the humidity readings are 10 points higher than my 3 independent RH monitors throughout the house. I have restarted the thermostat twice, reset to factory specs, changed the batteries, called ...

Todd5439 by Community Member
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What lights should be on my Nest boiler unit?

My Nest thermostat connects to my boiler via a round device beside the boiler - in normal operation what lights should be displayed on it.The boiler was just serviced and now supplies HW but not Heating regardless of the Thermostat demands.Is there a...

Thermostat reading too low

My Nest thermostat is less than a year old and is displaying a temperature much lower than it actually is. Tried Reset but problem did not clear Anyone had similar issue

CCK by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest has stopped controlling my heating system

my Nest system has been working perfectly for around a year, and all of a sudden it has stopped communicating with my heating system a few days ago. All seems well on the thermostat, showing heating in progress, but it’s not actually opening the moto...

Location of nest stat

Hi all,we have had our stat mounted on the wall in the hall for a year now,and have had to keep it at 23.5 to keep the house warm.I recently bought a stand and installed it in the living room, it seem to work much better and it only needs setting at ...

Timbo2 by Community Member
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