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Fan schedule

I have a cooling system with 3 zones and 3 nests. I want each zone to run 30 minutes per hour for 4 hours per day. I want all fans to start and stop at the same time. Even though I give them the same start times and durations, they seem to go out of ...

GaryG by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Thermostat won't turn on heat

Hi allI have just purchased a Nest Thermostat E to replace a Polypipe PBPRP thermostat. I went through the compatibility checker but got stuck at the point where it asked about the labels on each of the wires, as the wires weren't labelled. There wer...

spet2522 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat will not connect to app

I have tried to connect via Google Home and Next apps. On the nest app - when I enter the "code" it wants more letters/numbers - when I finally get it to go further, it wants to find a doorbell. On the google home app, I can get through the code, but...

Unable to turn thermostat display on

Display of my thermostat is not turning on when i press it. However, the nest app is working fine and i am able to change the temperature easily via the app.I have received some online support which led me to restart the thermostat and then the displ...

Help me find the smart in smart thermostat

Ask: looking for advice on how how/if Google Nest can solve my problem.Background:- location, Australia- i have two Nest Learning thermostats working fine. - I have 2 zones, upstairs , downstairs- upstairs has 3 bedrooms, large lounge & study space ,...

JohnnySav by Community Member
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Resolved! Compatibility?

I was so excited to get my new Nest Learning Thermostat and was sure it would be compatible with the wiring in my home but started the set-up process and now am not so sure... Does anyone know if my system (picture of wiring attached) is compatible? ...


Nest Furnace Heads Up

Keep getting alerts that our furnace was shut down Unexpectedly. We don’t have a furnace…..we have a boiler. How do I update that information?