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Nest thermostat 3 screen won't turn on

Hello everyone, this is my issue with the thermostat. Information display on the appModèle: Display-3.4Modèle du support: unknownNº de série: 09AA01AC511703CSIdentifiant de l’appareil: Logiciel: 5.9.5-2Dernière mise à jour: JamaisMAC Wi‑Fi: MAC: 6416...

Resolved! Compatibility with Ditra-Heat electric floor systems

Hi everyone, I'm trying to determine if the Nest Thermostat is compatible with Schluter's Ditra-Heat electric floors which we are going to use in our bathroom. This is a very common electric floor system used in Canada and works with an electric cabl...

atburi by Community Member
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Left over wires

see below picspurchased a new nest thermostat for our home. Home is 2 years oldSystem had a Honeywell thermostat beforei have a heat pump w/ AC all electric no gas.installed nest thermostat but had wires left over. The pink and gray wires that went i...

IMG_8903.jpeg IMG_8902.jpeg
Knapps by Community Member
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Heating in Cool Mode - Heat Pump set correctly

I installed a Nest Learning Thermostat on my new house in April 2022 after having had a Nest Learning Thermostat at my previous home for 10 years. My new house has a Heat Pump, which is new to me. Everything with the thermostat has been working fine ...

Resolved! W5 error. Nothing working

I’m more than frustrated at this point. I am getting the W5 error code on my nest E thermostat and nothing seems to work. I have tried resetting my thermostat, I’ve tried manually entering in the Wi-Fi network I’ve tried, I’ve tried changing the batt...

G-Me by Community Member
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Resolved! Compatibility

Hi All, After seeing some beautiful Nest thermostat pictures online, I got all excited about replacing my current thermostat. However, all my excitement was met with a sudden hard stop after I saw the word "compatibility" moments before I was about t...

ThermostatWiring1.jpeg ThermostatWiring2.jpeg
zjamuing by Community Member
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Resolved! Thermostat learning next overheating and a fire risk

How do you contact the complaint team at google nest?I have spent the last 28 hours with google customer care regarding our new nest thermostat which is over heating shutting down and becoming a fire risk. This urgent matter has been passed pillar to...

Lost QR code for my nest temperature sensor

I lost the QR code on my nest temperature sensors. I need to pair them with a new thermostat, but I can find no code of any sort on them. I have the original packaging, but the codes there don't seem to work either. Any help would be appreciated.

PabloE by Community Member
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