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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat installation

Can the Nest thermostat be installed laying flat? I see that the body contains a level, I guess must be level.

Dax627 by Community Member
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Rh is not detected on Gen 3 thermostat

Just bought new gen3 Nest and keep getting "wire is not detected". Re-connected it many times, electricity tester says the current is present.Heating system is working, so not "drain cleanup" will help.What should I do?

Heat Link

Heat link has no powerno lights at alllights come in if plug in usb cable via a plug, but too light stays amber and will not reset if held for 20 seconds. hold it for 10 seconds and it resets but no light change still amber and 2 green. need replacem...

ChelseaK by Community Member
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Common wire

I have hooked up the common wire to my thermosat but I am still showing the error code N260 How do I clear that?

Aussie60 by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat

Hi All,My Nest Learning Thermostat temperature has started to drop down lower then selected, only overnight. So I set it at 22 degrees and then in the middle of the night the room temperature is at 18. I have no learning settings on as I need it 22 d...

Rhys by Community Member
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Nest thermostat display

Hi. I haven’t found a picture like my current display on one of 3 Nest thermostats. It’s working fine. I rebooted, reconnected, everything without success. Though the thermostat is working, this is annoying! I changed to “wake to press” to keep it of...

dgoldfarb by Community Member
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