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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Nest/Furnace troubles

I’ve had a nest gen 3 thermostat for a little over 1 year that was installed with a new AC unit. I’ve consistently had the E74 error shown intermittently and sometimes can eliminate this by testing the fan. Lately, this hasn’t been working. The furna...

rljacquin by Community Member
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Sleep setting

I added a custom heat setting to my schedule but now the Sleep setting doesn't turn on. Why is that? Do I have to delete all the preset factory settings and create entirely new custom settings? I want 4 settings not three.

Hfred by Community Member
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Nest Heatlink failed

I have 2 circuits in the house, each controlled by Nest 3rd Gen, out of the blue the upstairs circuit has failed with thermostat showing no power to Heatlink, no lights showing, not responding to pressing the button. Tried reboot and no change, check...

Pdc1604 by Community Member
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