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Nest Thermostats

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Nest heating coming on at night

Hi. We have installed a nest in our new house. We had one in our flat and because it was small was never an issues. I am finding that I have scheduled the heater to come on around 6am as it gets cold but even though I set the temp around 19/20 at nig...

Avi by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Hot water not working

Hi - My hot water isn’t working on schedule. It says it’s “on” but the background in the app is still grey. Also when I boost, again it says “on” but is grey still and there is absolutely no hot water. When the immersion is turned on on the hot water...

Sgrieves by Community Member
  • 119 replies
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Wiring Help and 24 VAC Compatibility

I have a heating-only forced air furnace. Please help me with the wiring.I was using a 24 - 30 VAC thermostat. Is it compatible with setting up Nest?

Steven107 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Dial on thermostat not responding.

My nest thermostat dial does not respond to any inputs. I can click on the center and access the main screen but turning the dial does not have any affect. I have removed the thermostat from the base and squeezed it like a hamburger for 15 seconds an...

Resolved! Nest Keeps Increasing My Scheduled Temperature

We keep our Nest scheduled to cool to 24 degrees Celsius during summer days. However, this summer our Nest insists on increasing this temperature by 0.5 degrees. I have checked all my settings to turn off any feature that might trigger this behaviour...

jones4783 by Community Member
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nest thermostat

I installed 3 nest thermostats and they will not connect to my wi-fi. I've followed all the troubleshooting that I saw listed without any luck. Is there a way to contact someone to help troubleshoot this issue? Thank you.

Heat link and thermostat 2nd gen not connecting

Tried everything but the heat link and thermostat won’t connect. The heat link is flashing yellow and green but try to do restart but doesn’t work. Tried resetting, soft and hard reset, moved thermostat closer, switched heat link on/off but nothing s...

Ling by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Nest compatible with a retro fit hvac system 100 year old home

My blue wire connects to the RCThe green wire connects to the RBrown wire connects to the C (C is optional with batteries)Yellow is to yellowRed is attached to green. This is the way my therrmostat is set up currently I am not sure if I should set up...

stodd7218 by Community Member
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