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Nest Thermostats

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Return Nest Thermostat

My current thermostat and heating system are not compatible with the Nest thermostat. I want to return the device however, there are no clear instructions on where to send it back to and no phone number. Can anyone assist?

Nest Home/Away Assist thinks my phone isn’t home

Hey, I’ve checked both my nest app and google home app and have the address set to my current address, however the home/away assist is constantly saying my phone is not home, when I am. This is causing the furnace to go into away/eco mode when I am h...

Ty2120 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

A few months back our Nest thermostat stopped connecting to WIFI. We have restarted the thermostat, the router, etc multiple times, tried to update the software on Nest (cannot because there is no WIFI). Please advise what we can do!

megbg by Community Member
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My Thermostat keeps shutting down stating charging battery but is plugged in all the time?

LG by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

After I've entered the 6 digit code from the back of my thermostat, it wants the 4 digist from the UPC but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to put in those numbers.

Eileen by Community Member
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Landlord thermostat settings

Hi,I'm a landlord and would like to know if I can set-up the thermostat, so that when my tenant is not home, the temperature drops to 55 degrees, if the "outside" temp is 55, but if he comes back home, it goes up to 65, only if again if temperature o...

SASHA174 by Community Member
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3rd generation no light on heat link

I have just installed my replacement heat link for the upstairs zone, which is working fine. Now my downstairs heat link has failed.I've tried all the usual, power off, power on. I think I may have purchased a dodgy batch as both were bought at the s...

Pauline by Community Member
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