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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Error 257

I am setting up the thermostat and it keeps saying E257. Can't find any info on this code

Relink Nest to Google

I accidently unlinked the Nest thermostat from Google Home. I can't get it restored and when I try to add it I can't get past the screen that want the last 4 of the serial number (won't let me enter a number)How can I relink the thermostat to Google?

Janef by Community Member
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nest thermostat connections

i am looking at my current thermostat wires to determine if they are compatible with my new nest thermostat. The original thermostat has connections for R, W, G, Y, and W2. No C wire. The nest connection choices are R, W, G, Y, C, and O/B. No W2 conn...

wjulaxer13 by Community Member
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Unable to connect dot sensor to thermostat.

I just bought and installed a nest learning thermostat 3rd generation and a nest dot temperature sensor. I’m having issue connecting the sensor. I keep getting a “can’t connect to the thermostat. Find a spot closer to the thermostat and try again” me...

nest thermostat wiring

my old thermostat has 4 wires, white green yellow and red...on the old thermostat, the red wire is connected to the rc terminal, my nest thermostat does not have an rc terminal, so i'm wondering if i should connect it to the "r" terminal

Criss by Community Member
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Accepting Terms

My Nest Learning thermostat use to be connected to my Google home app on my iPhone, but now the thermostat is gone from the app. When I try to add it back, the app won't let me accept the terms. I get a message that reads "Encountered an error. Try a...

Unable to get entry key from Nest thermostat

I have moved into a new home with an existing nest thermostat. The thermostat works fine and it is connected to the 2.5ghz WiFi without issue. I’ve checked all of the google troubleshooting items but I am still unable to get the thermostat to provide...

Helpme42 by Community Member
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