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Nest Thermostats

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Thermistat only on heat

I connected the wires like it did to the old one except for the yellow wire. Now when I turn on the system, set it all up. It only sets up for heat and not cold. And I got the wires hooked up wrong.

Mgp by Community Member
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Control heat below 50F without notifications

I want to be able to control temperature below 50F after draining water in summer home. I think the only way to do it is relying on safety temperature setting.. I don't want notifications every time furnace cycles however. I'd there a way to disable ...

csmith24 by Community Member
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Thermostat compatibility

Can you tell me if my HVAC system is compatible with the nest learning thermostat? 

Mizzen by Community Member
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Heat Link H72

Hi. Our Nest thermostat was installed in 2020 and today the Heat Link suddenly stopped working. There are no lights and we are getting the H72 error message. Unfortunately the heating won’t turn off which means our control radiator is boiling hot in ...

MGBR by Community Member
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H72 Fault on Nest Thermostat

Our nest thermostats have been working fine until now. Our upstairs thermostat is now showing the H72 fault, could I have some assistance please.

GeeEss by Community Member
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Wiring help for google nest E

Hi, hoping someone can help me wire up my nest E that I brought from my previous house.The currently thermostat is abit more complicated here.Danfoss FP975 Google Nest E (1st gen?)Thanks    

1694291707728750550286196034583.jpg 16942917705746773862624524526226.jpg 16942917996798375429981590417370.jpg
Kieranc by Community Member
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Nest thermostat usb plugged in but no lights

Installed a 3rd gen Nest thermostat today, battery was low and it disconnected from Wi-Fi. I only have a red and white wire, no C wire. Pulled it off the base to charge via usb. Plugged into usb it blinks green, tells me to attach to base, and then s...

Mzuleger by Community Member
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