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Heat link 2nd generation malfunction - replacement required?

Hi,Woke up to find my H71 error message on my thermostat. Worked through the troubleshooting, but not able to switch the heating on. Cannot switch heating on using button on front of heat link and no lights at all appear on the unit. Have had an engi...

No Heat Mode

I just installed the Nest Learning (3rd Generation) in my condo according to the install instructions. My previous thermostat only had a Y and R connection. (The Nest install instructions directed me to install Y1 and RH to align). Condo has low volt...

Drae12 by Community Member
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Problem with W2/aux

I have a Lennox heat pump system. Home is all electric and system is 2 stage heat, single stage cool. The thermostat is noting a problem code e106 for wiring issue on W2 aux. The unit senses equipment installed on the diagram below. However I don’t t...

Miketyler by Community Member
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Error w5 on my Thermostat in UK

Hi Guys,I have a error w5 on my Nest Thermostat, in UK.Previously worked fine. I have restarted the thermostat and the Router to no effect…Please help! I hear that Google/Nest are recognising this problem and are sending out replacement thermostats?T...

Noons by Community Member
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Thermostat pre-set temperatures

I have comfort, eco and sleep temps set. How do I select one on the thermostat itself? Eco is the only one I can see. I don't want to have to go on my phone when I simply want to go to bed and turn the thermostat down. Very poor instructions with thi...

JimD33 by Community Member
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Thermostat - Do As You Are Told

In the last week, I've noticed that my thermostat isn't going on at the scheduled times I want it to. It seems to think I'm away from home even though I'm not or won't switch on until I'm home even though it's scheduled to heat the house from 30 mins...

GeeMacD by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! New boiler

I have a new boiler and the nest thermostat isn't controlling it. The thermostat is linked to the heat link. But I don't think the heat link can be talking to the boiler.

Lesleyn by Community Member
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Heat link doesn work

Heat link of Nest thermostat 3th gen does not work. No light. I tried everything what support suggested stopped working after 2 years. As I read, many of you have become the same. I think it was Google's intention that after 2 years the thermos...

Miki123 by Community Member
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