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E195 error - cooling issues

We have had our Nest thermostat for years with no issues. All of a sudden we had an error code come up saying there is a wiring issue. We had a very big storm, but our lights did not flicker and power did not go off. Although we had our ceiling fan l...

reneek by Community Member
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Cannot get my entry key

I lost ability to control my thermostat from my Nest App on my phone. I have tried everything that has been recommended and just need an entry key so I can get this thing back up and running on my phone. PLEASE HELP. I've been at this for two days an...

A/C Cycles on and then off immediatelly every two minutes

We've had these Nest Learning Thermostats for years on two zones in the house attached to the same air handler for heat and a/c. This summer we replaced the zone panel on it. After that the a/c unit started functioning on its own. Nest thermostats we...

xak by Community Member
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Thermostat schedule

 I have our schedule on our thermostat set up to be cooler while we sleep but the temp keeps going up to 75 at night by itself and no one in my house can sleep. Please help

Mshack by Community Member
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Permanently disable seasonal savings

There seems to be several threads on this topic, none of them with solutions. Usually a Google rep says to follow these instructions: instructions ...

Exchange a product that is under warranty

I never received an answer to this issue: gwillis8159Community Member 3 weeks agoBought the thermostat in November 2022; it worked ok (despite Wi-Fi connection issues), heater came on ... tried to turn on A/C this past week, and nothing happened. No ...

Average Temperature With Sensors

I'm really shocked. 2023 the basic feature of the thermostat averaging the temperature with the sensors in not available. Further suprised I cannot choose more than 1 sensor when programming the schedule. Manually having to select a sensor to measure...

Algo by Community Member
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Aux/E have two wires

   i have two wires coming out of Aux/E. Not sure where to plug it in the nest wiring diagram. They are both pigtailed into W1 on the air handler. Is this set up okay or do i take out the w1 and put into *?

IMG_6654.jpeg IMG_6658.jpeg IMG_6663.jpeg
Konneh by Community Member
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Nest WiFi and low battery

First problem, no WiFiUsing a learning thermostat for 7 mos. During spring and early summer never used heating or cooling for maybe three months because the weather here didn't require it. About a month ago the Nest dropped WiFi and will not connect....

socalpat by Community Member
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