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Nest Thermostats

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Heatlink(s) dead, difficult to get support for replacement

Hi! I bought two 3rd Nest thermostats to operate at two properties. The Heatlink versions. Last year in December (winter time) one of them died. No power, I could only power this via micro USB port, but the operation is faulty , meaning it does not p...

abulafia by Community Member
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Thermostat not charging

My Nest thermostat isn't charging suddenly. Yes been fine for about a year. Any suggestions?

AngelaP by Community Member
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Nest not turning boiler on

Recently got a Nest Thermostat installed and just gone to turn heating on for the first time and it doesn’t turn the boiler on. I here a click like it’s interacting, but nothing on the boiler (can also manually press the heat link and it fires up).

Gods180 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Thermostat compatibility

 this is a pic of my old system. My ac is turning on but not blowing air and we don’t know if it’s the unit or something with the new thermostat. Help!! We’re in FL and it’s 89 in our house right now.


Nest E Not Displaying the Number 7

I have 2 Nest E thermostats and they have been working fine for 2.5 years.One of them recently started having a strange issue. It doesn't display the number 7 on the temperature readout.For example, If I set to it 78, it only reads 8. If I set to 77,...

Resolved! Reconnect Thermostat remotely w/o QR code or Pin

I have two Nest thermostats in a 2nd home. Both are connected to the WiFi and working as far as I can tell. Before leaving the home group, the user who set them up deleted both thermostats from the home. I now have no control of them.I can see them o...

jimb310 by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat Cooling On and Off and Starting

Hi Everyone,I've had a Google Nest Thermostat for about a year now and it finally started acting up while we are in the worst heat wave ever. I pretty much always have it on Cool and set to auto, now it turns on and off quickly, and turns off after a...

rjcasimir by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Google Nest Thermostat not heating

I have installed the thermostat, and all seems to be working fine except that it is not heating. The cooling cycle works fine. I have tested the system by installing the old thermostat and it all works perfectly with the old thermostat. I have reinst...


Goggle Home App and Nest Thermostats

I have an existing Nest Thermostat that is working fine with the Nest App, I am trying to connect it to the Goggle Home App (doorbell and Goggle mini already connected). I have followed all instructions including restart/setting Nest app and cannot g...

GradyB0 by Community Member
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