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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat cannot turn on the boiler but the heat link can

My nest thermostat seems to have stopped firing my boiler for heating, either in schedule or manual mode.Having tried a reset on the nest, checking the heat link, running that manually, and turning up the thermostat to a high temperature, nothing see...

Samlolkss by Community Member
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thermostat says my batteries are weak

I keep getting a message every month or so that says my batteries are very weak. At first I replaced the batteries over and over and the problem would go away. Then I discovered that the batteries the nest was saying were weak tested out as new batte...

Johnbuoy by Community Member
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Continuous Heating

Continuous heating. All display info is normal. Thermostat shows heating is 'off' but the boiler and radiators are active. Quick fix is just power off, no idea what else to try. It has occurred three times in the last couple of months

JohnS13 by Community Member
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Heatlink dead

Hi,We have a 3 generation nest thermostat, etc, system. Our Heatlink has stopped working (seems like the well known problem of power to unit but no lights, etc). We have contacted the Google contractor as requested for a replacement unit but the earl...

Rob25 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat to replace a Carrier thermostat

The letters on the Carrier thermostat don't match with the Nest. The Google Home App indicated incompatibility between the two thermostats. I want to give it a final try before giving up. Please see the wiring in the Carrier thermostat.

SY4 by Community Member
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FIXED! Nest App won't connect to thermostat

For days my Nest thermostat was offline and the App wouldn't connect to it. Well here are some steps that fixed both issues. 1. Deleted the App. 2. Went i to the thermostat and deleted the network. And entered it in again. 3. Turn off the wifi for yo...

JRich by Community Member
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Keeps dropping wifi connection

I've about had it with this thing! Installed it in January for the expressed purpose of monitoring and adjusting hvac system while away from home (800 miles from permanent home). However, it has lost wifi connection at least 3 times since installed. ...

HalF by Community Member
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