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Nest Thermostats

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Nest compatible?

Wondering if anyone knows if my system is compatible. Controller is 30V Carrier.  

Wbaxte by Community Member
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There's currently no heat icon. I can't turn on the heat and it's cold in my house. HELP!!!

Tiff22 by Community Member
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Help with Nest Thermostat Heat Pump Install

Hello, I have a Nest Learning Thermostat that I am trying to install. My current system has the wires C, W2, Jumper to E, R, G, O/B, and Y. How do I go about running the wires to my nest thermostat? The app only tells me to hire professional install....

gbwood by Community Member
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Can a Nest Thermostat with a Samsung Mini Split AC/Heat Unit

I've recently installed some Samsung Mini Split AC/Heat units. I would like to control the one in the living room with my Nest Thermostat (it recently controlled my gas heating and AC system but have disconnected them for the new system.)Has anyone d...

mjolnir by Community Member
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Nest thermostat won’t turn on

Nest thermostat learning 3rd Ed won’t turn on, randomly turns back on after few days, can’t restart, green light flashing

Shelly1279 by Community Member
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Peak VA ampere for Nest Thermostat

As it seems its hard for any Google engineer to properly provide this data. I'm having 20 of these thermostats in our home. Pared 4 of each to a ring transformer with 24 VAC and a 8VA load limit. Kindly provide the power consumption of these thermost...

Nest Thermostat V1.4 Low Battery

I am getting low battery alerts. Replaced supplied AAA with new AAA alkaline. No change. Old batteries tested good, as well C wire is present, connected, and showing 28 volts. SW ver is 1.1-11. "Equipment" info shows V 2.528, 1364 m ohms, Vin 36.134,...

Fraskell by Community Member
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