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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat heating issues

Ok so I’ve had my first gen thermostat for a few years. Last year it worked great. So I changed my password on my nest account and had to reset my nest thermostat, and it has not been right since. Cool Air works great, but when I turn the heat on, th...

Nest calls for heat but furnace does not respond

I have 6 Nest thermostats(6 zones). Today one zone(Nest) called for heat but the furnace didn't respond. The Taco controller is working for the other 5 zones. The Taco relay was swapped and still no heat(no red LED). I swapped out the suspect Nest fo...

billparis by Community Member
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Resolved! Google broke Nest

I tried to logon to my Nest yesterday but Google has taken it over forced me to create a account and now I have no control over my thermostat?all I have is the name nothing elsegoogle has no support phone numbers to call does any one know who to call...

Rickbeare by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat Issue with Pulse Furnace

I installed a 3 wire (Rc, W, and G) Nest Learning 3rd Gen Thermostat yesterday and it tested fine. We have a 2006 gas fired pulse furnace.This morning the furnace restarted it's first stage several times and never was able to produce heat.I reinstall...

CaliJohn by Community Member
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Resolved! Reset Nest Temperature Sensor to factory settings

I need to add my existing sensors to my new phone. When I scan the QR code, it says my sensor are already connected to an account. I tried removing the batteries from all of them for about an hour to reset but that did nothing. HELP! Is it at all pos...

dishee by Community Member
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Connecting Nest Power Connector to Taco Multi Zone Box

Hi All,I have a two nest thermostats that only have a red and white wires available. It would be very difficult to run a new wire with a C-wire to either of them due to their location. Instead I have ordered a pair of Nest Power Connectors. The therm...

IMG_0285.jpg IMG_0288.jpg
spbelly by Community Member
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Install Nest E from Honeywell com901

Good morning everyone, I bought the Nest Thermostat E and I'm trying to install it instead of my Honeywywell (see photo). I have a doubt about how to place the cables because I can't find an online reference on the AxByC cable nomenclature. Can anyon...

natopigro by Community Member
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Configuring HVAC Monitoring

I have a three Nest thermostat configuration under a single "Home" on the Google Home app.Because of a unique configuration of the zones, I want to suppress the HVAC monitoring notifications on a per-thermostat basis (like the air filter notification...

aap by Community Member
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