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Temp setting

I can’t manual control my nest thermostat. I did everything thru help menu. I try to turn up the heat temp. Reading says it will take so much time to heat to the setting then furnace kicks on but shuts off before desired temp is reached.

RBNEST by Community Member
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Recent update?

Was there an update recently?I have a Nest Thermostat (basic one), that has worked fine for over a year. Today it gave me the dead battery warning and after changing those out, gave some kind of unstable power source error. I had to factory reset and...

Ummduh by Community Member
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Very disappointed about Nest Home Report and history display

I am very disappointed about the level of detail in the Nest history and the monthly Nest Home Report from my new Nest V3 Learning Thermostat that I have since a month. I was expecting more intelligence from a Google product.What I want in the histor...

FritsN by Community Member
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Thermostat sensor time periods

Why can't I alter the preset times of day when my primary sensor is changed. The "manage sensors" schedule offers preset times that arbitrary and not designed for someone with a child that goes to bed at 7pm. My choices are boil the child for the fir...

Nest Thermostat Shenanigans

Model Nest Thermostat-1.4 (Third generation of Nest if I'm reading the notes correctly)Software 1.1-9I've read others having an issue with the Presence Sensing not working and mine is no exception. My phone has location turned on, connects to wifi wi...

Nest App not Displaying Inside Temperature Numerically

My 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat displays target temp AND current temp, both graphically via lines on the circular display, and numerically, however, the app displays target temp graphically and numerically but not the current inside temp.I can se...

JeffLerner by Community Member
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Heat link broken

Our heat link has stopped working, only a year old. We are now stuck without heating in the middle of winter and I am nine months pregnant. What can we do

by Not applicable
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Nest Thermostat,

can I use the Nest Thermostat 24 Volt with a Linear proportional Convector 1500W Dimplex electric heater?

Dutchmanc by Community Member
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No "C" terminal on furnace controller

We have a 2 wire heat only system and the Nest thermostat is not getting sufficient power. We've purchased a Nest Power Connector but the Honeywell L7224 Aquastat does not have a terminal labelled "C". Can the ECOM 1 or 2 terminal be used for the C w...