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Nest Thermostats

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Help with wiring

 what do I do with the 3 wires on the left. Rs2(blue) rs+5(orange) rs gnd(brown)


Nest learning thermostat Wi-Fi error

To whom it may concern, roughly 2 months ago I noticed one of the two nest thermostats in my house no longer registering on the app. I noticed a Wi-Fi error on the thermostat. I tried troubleshooting by following the recommendations including a reset...

Selsamra by Community Member
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Poor Quality

This past week my Nest stopped working with a power error. I called and had someone come out to fix it and it was a blown fuse in my furnace, which I just replaced in October. It was fixed and worked. Now today, I get the same error and same issue. S...

jess517 by Community Member
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Jumper from W1 to Y1 terminals

 I have a heat pump with an auxiliary electric heating element. The existing thermostat had a jumper from the W1 to Y1 terminals. How should this be wired in the Nest Learning Thermostat?

Kaddy by Community Member
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Help With Wiring Nest Learning Thermostat

Trying to convert to Nest Learning Thermostat from Honeywell. My old Honeywell had the following connections (from right to left in the picture above): R - Red wireY - Yellow wire W - Orange wireG - Green wireW2 - White wire In hooking up the new nes...

1373F8E9-83A9-4A3D-85C3-452BC668F9AF.jpeg 5EFB35DA-6F28-40BB-90FA-C9D48B0EAA3B.jpeg

3rd Gen Heat not Running after new install

I used a C wire adapter (connected to Rh & C) since I did not have one (see photo). The Nest powers on and I successfully installed and sync'd app to the wall unit. I set to heat, but nothing happened....heat and fan tests, nothing...I put back the o...


Sensors disconnected.

New Nest learning thermostat installed about a month ago. After about a week of operation, all 3 nest sensors disconnect. They are new but I replaced the battery anyway. Put the thermostat on another network, switched between 2.4 and 5 ghz. Have move...

Nzimm by Community Member
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