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Nest T-stat and dual zones

Hello, I have an HVAC system in a home with two zones (upstairs and downstairs). There are periods when the house is unoccupied for a few weeks at a time in the winter so we leave the temp set at 55. I would like to install a Nest T-stat in the downs...

Whaanga by Community Member
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Not "easy" install - no Power with C wire connected

After several days - and many hours - I have put my old thermostat back on the wall as a cold night approaches and the Nest Thermostat completely failed us. After initial install on a two wire/heat only (R and W) Google told me I had low power and ne...

Trystero by Community Member
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Nest thermostat not brining entry code

Hi Just recently got a new nest 3rd gen thermostat, it connects to my wifi fine, but showing 0mps ping. I have tried to change this on my hub using 192 login, still unable to get it sorted on wifi. I am using my mobile hot-spot which works fine need ...

Soaib by Community Member
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Stop heating

Hello, Yesterday, we accidentally left the Nest set to heat overnight. I can't see to find an option in the app to prevent this happening again? Anyone got any suggestions? Lee

Lee5 by Community Member
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Can I install it far away from the boiler?

Hello,I want the thermostat in a room that's a bit far away from the boiler.Is there a way to install without the T1/T2 cable from the base?I see there's a USB (micro-b) port in the back of the thermostat. I was wondering if T1/T2 is just power suppl...

Falci by Community Member
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are there any way to get a second nest power connector

I recently purchased two Nest thermostats. While setting up the first one, I ordered the complimentary Nest power connector, which is scheduled to arrive on November 30th. However, when attempting to do the same for the second thermostat, I'm not rec...

acton by Community Member
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