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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Previous thread closed out: Broken Heat Link

Requested replacement unit from Google for broken Heatlink - to answer previous questions from CristianC:How long has your thermostat been installed for? 18 monthsDid the issue happen during the installation? NoIs there any error on the Nest thermost...

Meaning of each setting

Date Time Humidity Set Temp Outside Temp Inside Temp Mode11-10-21 8:11 am. 57%. 68 65 74 HeatI am so confused with these numbers that they do not make any sense and I could not find explanation in Nest booklets. This is where Nest needs to improve a ...

Delete App

I think I'm gonna have to delete the Nest app to get my thermostat display back to normal. Any suggestions?

Thermostat has no 12v supply

My thermostat won't boot up and I have discovered that there is no 12v supply from T1 and T2 on the heat link. Heat link works fine otherwise and operates the boiler OK. What's happening and how do I fix it?

Mark3 by Community Member
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App on phone shows error

Whenever I try to go to my Google home to see the temperature of my house when I'm not home it keeps coming up with error Any help would be greatly appreciated

Tatgirl by Community Member
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Nest thermostat reset

Hi all ....Fault code 71..checked the usual 'move thermostat closer to heat link ' but no joy ......trying now to reset Thermostat so initially I turn off Thermostat and restart same to get rid of the fault code showing on the screen but when it rest...

gussie by Community Member
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Nest e not starting

So Im attempting to install the Nest e but the display is stuck on the image of a house with and arrow in what looks like a phone,I have tried a restart, app xomes up with code TD029 if I remember correctly,The actual thermostat is attached to the bo...

John86 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat 3rd generation schedule not working

Hi all, i recently purchased nest 3rd generation thermostat and heatlink, i have set a maunalschedule for heating to come on 5:45 everyday, however my hearing does on switch on. I can manually switch heating on from my phone and the thermostat, howev...

Imranp7318 by Community Member
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