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Wifi Error

Hi! I need support. My nest thermostat was working fine for about a year. I’ve tried resetting it multiple times and it still doesn’t connect to my wifi. I have no access to the thermostat from my phone anymore.

Nest Thermostat Won’t Start Furnace

Installed new Neat E-Learning3rd generation thermostat, and my furnace tries to start but won’t. I have already charged the thermostat over light because it was showing 3.4V. It is now showing 3.78V. However it is doing the same thing.when I put the ...

KJB2 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat removed from App

Has anyone experienced the thermostat being removed from the nest app after its been installed? For some reason the thermostat has been removed from my nest app & I’m struggling to reinstall the product as the 2 appear to be conflicting ie thermostat...

RJF by Community Member
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My Heat Link Has Failed

Firstly I’d like to say how frustrating it’s been to get to this chat. Your help pages are in denial on the fact that your products can dare fail!I have a heat link that’s failed. I’ve learnt since having this issue it’s VERY COMMON!Your help pages a...

Lex by Community Member
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Nest thermostat c wire

I installed my Thermostat 9 months ago. Today all of a sudden it’s telling me I need a Wire installed on the “C” connection. I keep getting error codes. For 9 months this was not a problem. There are no other wires to connect. So why is this a issue ...

Sc72 by Community Member
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Can you find out what email address the Nest is connected to tired to do password reset but no emails coming through

Suzie6 by Community Member
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logging into account

Bought a home recently that was already equiped with a Nest thermostat. We cannot log in or create a log in on our phones because we don't have the previous owners information to be able to change it to ours. How can we fix this?

cmoex21 by Community Member
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No entry key available on Nest thermostat.

Nest thermostat says it's connected to a Google account.Thermostat has been installed 4 years.Nest app on thermostat face says connected to Google accountThermostat is connected to android phone app, but hot available on desktop now without entry key...

FauxMaven by Community Member
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