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Nest Thermostats

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2nd Google Nest won’t connect to Wifi

Hello! I recently installed 2 Nest Thermostats in my house. The first one went without issues, but the 2nd one won’t connect to the network Wifi. I’ve tried numerous things such is resetting the Nest, unplugging and removing the batteries, restarting...

ReggieSD by Community Member
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Braeburn Model 5000 compatible?

I was wondering if my furnace is compatible with a Nest Thermostat. I have Braeburn Model 5000 one now. I am posting a picture. I do not see a G wire.Thank you,Tony

Tony617 by Community Member
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Learning and Regular NEST thermostat setup- Mix?

Hello, I have two zones and want to replace both existing thermostats with Nest. Can I install a Learning NEST in one zone and the new regular Thermostat in the second zone? OR does both need to the same type?Thanks for your help

KRISP by Community Member
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Google Nest Learning thermostat

Can anyone tell me if the nest learning thermostat is capable of connecting to a Honeywell TrueFresh Ventilation System. If so what connections are used on the thermostat.

Gad by Community Member
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Nest not heating

Unit worked fine for 2 years. Now glows orange but no signal being sent to furnace. 2 other zones on our same furnace with non nest thermostats work fine. I'm feeling its the firmware update as some others have mentioned but Google help won't acknowl...

slieblich by Community Member
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Nest Scedules

I just installed a nest thermostat. When it first started up it was in sleep setting. I put it in hold mode while trying to get back to comfort setting in schedule. Now I can’t get out of hold! I want to get out of hold and go back to the schedule I ...

almal by Community Member
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defective temperature remote

My Nest thermostat is just three weeks old. The remote sensor quit registering, I put in a new battery, but the remote cannot be found by or connect to the thermostat. I suspect this remote is defective but don't see a mechanism for returning it to G...

Safety temperature

My thermostat won't let me go above 45 degrees in the heat safety temperature. I live in a manufactured home, and worried that my pipes could freeze if the temperature goes down to 45 degrees in my house. I've tried changing it on both the thermostat...

mumado by Community Member
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